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Behind Jerome Baker Glass: Original glassblowers and works of art

Updated: May 24, 2023

Jerome Baker Designs is one of the earliest and most well-known names in the glass blowing industry. They’re known for their psychedelic artwork, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is hard to compete with. Before you buy your very own Jerome Baker bong, here’s everything you need to know about the brand, what it’s like to use one of their pieces, and how you can make sure your bong is legit.

History of Jerome Baker glass

Jerome Baker was founded by Jason Harris in the early 1990s. Jason first sold his work following the Grateful Dead on their tours through the 90s. After the band’s lead singer Jerry Garcia passed away, Jason used his real first name, Jerome, and combined it with Baker, as in “getting baked”.

Jerome Baker’s founder, Jason, studied under world-renowned glassblower Bob Snodgrass. Here, he used his knowledge and inspiration to quickly grow his glassblowing business into a company with over 70 employees. But the company hadn’t met its biggest challenge — operation Pipe Dreams. Pipe Dreams was an operation involving various law enforcement agencies that resulted in the arrest of Jason, other well-known glass blowers, and famous cannabis figures like Tommy Chung.

After the legal fallout, Jason was able to reboot his glassblowing business and make his way back into the spotlight in the world of fine glass. In today’s more relaxed legal playing field, Jerome Baker glass is back with some of the most durable, functional, and beautiful works of art.

JBD is the winner of multiple High Times Cannabis Cup Awards and is always on the edge of the latest glass blowing techniques. This brand is constantly pushing the envelope and exploring new ways to add life to their art and give something that customers can continue to enjoy for many years.

How to tell if your Jerome Baker bong is legit

If you’re going to invest in a high-end bong, you should know that the market is full of counterfeits trying to ride the reputations of well-known brands. Here’s how you can be sure the Jerome Baker bong you have your eye on is leg

Buy it from a reputable seller

The easiest way to make sure the piece you want to buy is legit is by making sure you buy it from a reputable seller. Smokerzland independently verifies the authenticity of all of its glasswork and backs up its handpicked selection with satisfaction guarantees. Find JBD glass for sale that you can buy worry-free.

Verify it directly with Jerome Baker Designs

Jerome Baker Designs offers a verification service for a fee. Unlike other bong brands that only rely on QR codes or signatures, they will have a team of artists familiar with the production line look at your piece and tell you if it’s authentic. This service also includes more information about your bong, including things like fume, color, and material analysis.

Check the glass

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a fake by giving it a quick inspection. If you pick up the piece and it feels too light in the hand, you’re probably dealing with a fake. Jerome Baker uses borosilicate glass for all of its pieces, meaning it’s heavier and more durable than most other bongs. You should also look for even glass thickness from top to bottom, meaning the mouth of your bong should have the same glass thickness as the base.

Look for craftsmanship

JBD’s production team is vetted for their glassblowing skills and artistic abilities. That means every detail on your Jerome Baker glass should be intentional. Stay away from pieces that have uneven flaring around the mouthpiece, seemingly random colors with no theme, or designs that aren’t directly blown into the glass. Nothing should appear mass-produced or cheaply made.

Each bong is a work of art

Durability and functionality are some of the most important aspects of any bong. But when we’re talking about the biggest names in the game, you can pretty much expect that each bong will be durable and functional. What’s hard to compete with is the artistic abilities of the Jerome Baker Designs team.

Jason Harris is also known for making the most eye-catching, gravity-defying bongs on the face of the Earth. He’s made them for the likes of Snoop Dogg, George Clooney, 311, and members of the Grateful Dead. In this video, Jason can be seen flexing his artistic glass blowing abilities, where he and his team make the world’s biggest bong. So you should be glad to know that all JBD glass is handmade and vetted by the pros for quality control.

This brand is known for using the latest techniques and staying on the front lines of glassblowing technology. Choose from colored pieces with intricate designs, slab-sized marbles, and unparalleled attention to detail that will leave you tripping long after you pack it up with chronic.

JBD also uses .9999 fine silver infused in their glass to create an even more striking finish that makes it shine like a mirror without a background. The more you use the piece, the more the underlying designs and colors will pop out, revealing more artistic details the longer you have it.

Should you buy a JBD bong?

JBD makes bongs for cannabis enthusiasts that have an appreciation for the art of glass blowing. If you are looking for a quality, handmade bong that has the latest artistic technique in glass blowing today, then you should definitely pick up a JBD bong. It’s worth every penny, and it’s something you will enjoy using for many years.

Jerome Baker Designs carries pieces at everyone’s price point, so no matter where you come from, you can find the perfect piece for your budget. With small to full-size bongs under the $200 price point, you can experience quality craftsmanship and see what all the hype is about. If you’re looking for eye-catching pieces that will turn heads every time someone sees them, they also make pieces at the higher-end price points.

Benefits of JBD glass

JBD glass is super durable. Borosilicate glass (pyrex) is blown at higher temperatures and can withstand rapid heating and cooling. It’s resistant to falls, bumps, and accidents.

Get custom glasswork every time. Every piece is handmade by some of the most experienced glassblowers in the industry.

They have the best designs. Glasswork artists expertly craft everything from color, shape, and design. Enjoy vibrant colors, eye-popping marbles, and trippy swirls.

Smooth and potent hits with every bong. Each piece is expertly designed to provide smooth and flavourful hits, taking each smoking session to its peak.

JBD glass for sale

Pick up your very own JBD bong at Smokerzland. We handpick every piece and guarantee its authenticity, so all you have to worry about is finding the perfect bong. All of our purchases come with a satisfaction guarantee, free shipping, and around-the-clock access to experts to answer any of your questions. View our selection of JBD bongs and add one to your collection today.

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