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Why Puffco Is The Future Of Bongs

Updated: May 24, 2023

Puffco Bongs
Puffco Bongs

puffco opal pro

The Puffco Peak is quickly becoming the preferred bong for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. Often called the “Apple of dabbing”, Puffco offers a simple design that anyone can use, meaning more people can benefit from using high-quality concentrates and the best dab sessions without any trouble.

For people new to concentrates, using a blowtorch on a dab rig to vaporize your product is too much of a hassle. It turns most people off to consuming concentrates and creates a high barrier to entry for anyone willing to try them. But that’s not the only reason the Puffco Peak is going to be the bong of the future.

Puffco Bongs
Puffco Bongs

What makes Puffco bongs the future of bongs?

From the very beginning of Puffco’s founding in 2013, founder Roger Volodarsky has set out to distinguish his company by creating quality designs that are durable, safe, and accessible to anyone.

Volodarsky wasn’t happy with the vaporizing products on the market. Dab pens were made from toxic materials, were easy to break, and could create a mess. Dab rigs look like giant crack pipes to people unfamiliar with concentrates, and controlling the temperature could be challenging.

Puffco’s first electronic pens featuring their distinctive coil design and ceramic bowls were a huge hit. The quality of Puffco’s vaporizers and their ease of use spoke to a growing number of cannabis consumers who felt left out of technological innovations.

With the introduction of Puffco Peak, the cannabis community finally received the smart bong of their dreams. It opened the consumption of extracts to a larger audience and gave it a socially acceptable image with its clean design.

Puffco Bongs
Puffco Bongs

How do you use the Puffco Peak?

To better understand how Puffco changed the dabbing game, it’s a good idea to understand how to use the Puffco Peak. Here’s what you need to know.

The Puffco Peak comes with a few removable pieces; the atomizer, battery base, and glass topper. Putting it together and taking it apart is easy, which makes it the ideal travel piece. It fits nicely into a travel bag and is sturdy enough for long walks and a lot of movement.

To use it, fill the reservoir with water and add your preferred concentrates into the ceramic bowl. Once you’re set-up, just click the button on the front of the battery base and cycle through the colors until you reach your desired temperature. You don’t have to mess around with a blow torch, and hope you’re getting the nail to the right temperature.

Heating only takes 20-25 seconds, depending on your temperature setting, and you can leave the heating element on for the duration of your vaping session. That’s all there is to it. Just sit back, enjoy your bowl, and take in the enhanced flavor profile and smooth vapor.

The Puffco Peak Pro comes with a free app to create custom heating profiles and control the RGB lighting inside above the base. This makes it even easier to use.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery, and it’s good for 30 dabs per charge. This comes out to about 4-5 bowls — plenty for any occasion. The charger is also USB compatible, so you can charge it with a battery bank if you’re away from an outlet.

Cleaning the Puffco is also really easy. Just remove the glass attachment and clean it like any other glass piece. Remove the atomizer and swab the inside to clean it. If you do this regularly, your Puffco will stay clean with little effort.

Is Puffco worth the price?

With Puffco, you’re paying for high-quality designs, materials, and a build that you can’t just copy and paste with knock-off brands. If you find a Puffco Peak for sale, here’s why you should consider buying it.

Sturdy base

For such a minimalistic design, the Puffco Peak looks like it can easily be knocked over. But an authentic Puffco is surprisingly bottom-heavy and is design to bring its center of gravity to a lower and more stable level. This takes a lot of stress out of using it.

Quality guarantee

You might be tempted to try using a knock-off instead. Don’t. You don’t know the manufacturer’s quality standards, whether the materials they use are safe or not, or if it’s going to break after a week of using it. If you can afford it, it’s worth investing in your rig.

A healthy way to consume

Combustion produces tar and burns a lot of other compounds that you don’t need to be consuming. Vaporizing concentrates isolates the good stuff and offers a healthy alternative to traditional combustion methods.

Use any concentrate

Whatever you throw at it, the Puffco can handle it. It doesn’t matter if you’re using shatter, wax, or just butane oil. You can get a consistently high-quality vapor every time you use it. This gives you a ton of options for what you want to use with your piece.

Simple and durable

All Puffco products are made from durable materials and are free from toxic fibers, plastics, and glues. Take it on hiking, camping, to music festivals, hotels, or wherever you find yourself. Puffco also offers travel toppers to seal water, so you don’t have to refill it on the go.

Intuitive temperature controls

With the click of a button, you can get your rig to the perfect temperature every time. You don’t have to worry about overheating your nail or burning your house down with a blow torch. This is how dabbing was meant to be.

Puffco Peak attachments for unlimited options

The sleek design of the Puffco Peak has earned itself the nickname of the “Apple of dabbing”. It’s a design that fits most people who are new to dabbing and is something you can put on your coffee table without drawing much attention. But what if you want something that stands out?

Puffco Peaks glass toppers are fully customizable. This means you can get the high-quality glass blowing from traditional bongs and combine it with this futuristic smart bong. It combines functionality and aesthetics.

More water filtration with Puffco Peak accessories

The stock Puffco Peak attachment provides great filtration on its own, but what if you wanted an even smoother hit? You can buy Puffco Peak attachments that feature better water filtration, airflow, and new designs.

There are so many options for modded filtration attachments that anyone can find the perfect one that suits them. You can increase or decrease the volume inside the glass, use different water filtration techniques, and swap between attachments on the fly.

Custom glass blowing

A growing number of well-known glass blowers are making custom pieces for the Puffco Peak. You can find creative sculpture pieces, colorful glass designs, and cool new shapes to add to your Peak.

Just because you’re getting a futuristic smart bong doesn’t mean you can’t flex some traditional glasswork.

Where can you find a Puffco Peak for sale?

Getting your Puffco from a trusted retailer is crucial for making sure you have a guaranteed quality product. Smokerzland is a trusted retailer with a 100% quality guarantee, so you can buy confidently. We handpicked our selection of Puffco products, featuring custom glasswork, high-end filtration, and unique pieces. Get your Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak accessories at Smokerzland.

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